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Safety experts suggest that you carry around a spare car key to make sure that you don’t get locked out of your car. But honestly, how many people keep spare keys in their pocket or purse? Some people hide a spare house key in the bushes or taped under a mailbox to make sure that they’re ready for a possible home lockout but there are very few people who have an accessible spare key for their car.

Yet experts tell us that every year, thousands of people lock their car door while the key dangles in the ignition. Even worse, the driver may exit the car while a child, sitting in the back seat, merrily clicks the lock shut with no idea of how to reopen the door. DC residents can rely on the 911LocksmithDC service to open their car at any time of the day or night, 24/7. A service representative will be on the way within minutes of your call to open your car and ensure that you have your key in hand.


Insurance – 911 automotive locksmith dc

Some car owners have an insurance or auto association membership that will bring someone to save them from a locked car but there’s no need to pay for a yearly service that you might need once every few years – if at all.  Car owners in the Washington DC area can contact the automotive locksmith dc whenever they need help.

The 911 automotive locksmith dc works with all vehicles so regardless of whether you drive an old clunker or a luxury sedan you can rely on the DC locksmith for all of your car lock needs. The 911LocksmithDC covers the entire DC metropolitan region including the Greenbelt, Washington Post, NW Germantown, Capitol Heights and Laurel area.

911 Automotive Locksmith DC

Upper Marlboro, Bowie in Maryland. The service rep will arrive quickly and help you enter your car within minutes without breaking windows or causing any damage to your car. You can also ask the 911LocksmithDC service person to help you obtain a spare key which you may decide to keep in your pocket!

Unlock a Car Door Without a Key

If you want to try unlock your car without a key before you call an expert, you can try tricks. Locking mechanisms very widely from one type of car to the next, ranging from manual locks on older cars to power locks with remote controls. 911Locksmith reps are familiar with all of the types of car locks but if you want to try yourself first, go ahead. Some methods include:

  • Using a shoestring
  • Using a rod and screwdriver
  • Get a coat hanger
  • Pick a strip of plastic



Prevention is the best way to make sure that you don’t lock the door with your key inside. To avoid locking your key in the car, try

  • Clip your key to your wallet/purse with a long key-chain.
  • Hide a spare key on the exterior of the car. You can use a magnetic key case that’s sold in many auto-supply stores and allows you to attach it to an unnoticeable place on your car.
  • Keep the 911LocksmithDC phone number accessible so that you can call immediately if there’s a need.

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