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When you’re running a business you try to think of every eventuality but that’s not always possible. You have to worry about your employees’ welfare while you make sure that you’re turning a profit. Even if your staff are the absolute tops, mistakes happen.

When the doors of your business lock unexpectedly, leaving those outside with no way to get in and those inside with no way to get out, the default mode might be panic but if you’re in the DC area you don’t have to worry. Just call the 911LocksmithDC for quick and professional service.

Locksmith DC can be at your business within a short amount of time thanks to its location in the heart of DC. The company serves a wide area including the Greenbelt, Laurel,  Washington Post, NW Germantown and Capitol Heights neighborhoods as well as Upper Marlboro and Bowie in Maryland

As commercial locksmith dc specialists the service staff can be at your business in a short amount of time and make sure that your staff has full access to the premises quickly.


The 911 commercial locksmith dc performs many different types of lock-related services including

  • Assists employers and employees to access a locked business
  • Helps to secure replacement keys in a timely manner so that a minimum of work time is lost due to the lost key
  • Repairs broken locks and damaged frames with same-day service so that the building stays secure
  • Changes locks as needed and provides as many replacement keys as the business requests
  • Cuts extra keys for new and existing locks
  • Opens safe locks as needed
  • Repairs and secures new locks following the malfunction of an existing lock
  • Provides special high-security locks by request
  • Offers consultation services from trained, professional service people who are able to advise on the most up-to-date, technologically advanced lock solutions.

Best of all, the 911LocksmithDC service is a 24/7 service. So regardless of the time of day or night, you’ll be able to get quick and efficient service right at your business establishment.

Types of Locks

Sometimes the lock fails because it’s not the correct type of lock for the entryway, however, it’s meant to secure. If you’re investigating the best way to secure your business you might want to consult with a 911LocksmithDC representative who will come to your office to discuss lock options.

Some of the most common lock options for commercial use include:

  1. Deadbolts – many lock experts believe that, the deadbolt locks are more secure than a standard spring lock. You need a key to rotate the lock cylinder so it can offer an additional layer of security in combination with another lock.
  2. Single-cylinder deadbolt locks operate with a key on the outside and thumturn on the inside. They are the most common type of lock in most residential structures and many businesses use them as well.
  3. Double-cylinder deadbolt locks are more secure than single-cylinder locks because a key is required both on the outside and the inside. Many business owners don’t like to use double-cylinder deadbolt locks because they can pose a safety-hazard – in the event of an emergency, if the key isn’t in the inside of the lock, the people inside won’t be able to get out

Be in touch with 911LocksmithDC for more specific advice and assistance with your security needs.

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